Bits of Spring and Easter

I’m not one for many Easter vignettes — for one, I bought some lovely decorative eggs and set them up nicely. Two minutes later my boys had gotten a frying pan down and were “frying” the glittery eggs. Mm-hmm. But then I found a vase that is actually an “egg vase” from PB and put the glittery goodness inside.

This poor critter has been taken out and put back in a few times already as my children grab Easter candy corn:

And this way, ladies and gentlemen, we have the world-famous Monogram Corner — and we’re walking, and we’re walking, and we’re stopping. (Bonus points if you get the reference. Because I love that movie.)

Thank goodness the boys waited until the candle flame was out before they dove for the Hershey’s Kisses. Sheesh.

The little bottles are from Starbucks drinks, with colorful paper and self-adhesive edging I found at Michael’s.

Those are my little Spring/Easter accents around the house – because anything more complicated is just going to end up victimized by flying Angry Birds. My husband built a life-sized slingshot for the boys to hurl their stuffed toys. The boys cheered, my husband fist-bumped them, and I ran to take all the crystal stuff off the mantel. Happy weekend everyone!

Easter morning

The Easter bunny left a few treats in the backyard:
I love the color contrast of this pink egg and the greenery around it!

My boys did a great job finding each and every single egg.

My oldest was such a good big brother – he shared his loot and helped his little brother find a bunch of eggs.

Then we all pigged out on chocolate eggs, yum!