Past Halloween costumes

Before we do the big reveal of this year’s awesome possum Halloween costume, I thought I’d do a little recap of (mostly) the boys’ past getups.

Baby Aidan rocks his reindeer outfit – I love his chubby fingers!

This was his official costume, but on the day of, he was very cranky and spent the evening in a shirt and diaper. But he was a darn cute Superman πŸ˜€

Alexander gives us fierce with his Count Dracula costume:

We won a costume contest at our friends’ party, wheee!

The first time that elephant costume will be seen, this time on Aidan; Alex was a SF Forty-Niner, and as always, the first house was our dear neighbors’, we have been truly lucky when it comes to the people on our block.

Second year for the elephant costume, Aidan was still in the grip of elephant madness, so he wore it again.

Alexander was a little batty that year (ba-dum-pum!) and he LOVED trick-or-treating.

As you can see, we got LOTS of mileage out of that elephant costume. Aidan was moving on to dinosaurs and was a t-rex rider:

This year, Aidan was into Bakugan, so daddy and I obliged. I sewed the wings and Steve made everything else.

Alexander loved Wubbzy, so I made him the outfit, while Steve painted the face on and crafted the tail.

Aidan starts his superhero phase, and looks awesome (she said un-biased-ly) as Captain America:

And, so far, the mother of all costumes, Steve knocks it out of the park with a Godzilla costume for Alexander:

Yeah, we love making stuff, don’t we? This year is Steve’s most ambitious project yet, and it’s coming along nicely. Alexander is wearing an off-the-rack costume — we hadn’t planned it this way but it’s worked out that the boys are getting homemade costumes on alternate years, Aidan’s Bakugan costume in 2010, Alexander’s Godzilla costume last year, and Aidan’s … let’s say, “of foreign extraction” costume this year. Which is nice as I don’t think we can handle TWO fancy homemade costumes AND Halloween decorations every year. Alex did get the Wubbzy costume as well in 2010, but it was just a simple jacket and pants.

Hope your weekend is going great, and best thoughts and luck to all those in Hurricane Sandy’s path.

Final touches to our Insane Asylum

Thanks for the kind comments on our front yard Insane Asylum – we’ve been getting awesome feedback from the neighbors as well πŸ˜€

Steve added some final touches before starting his next project, our oldest’s Halloween costume (more on that in a couple of days).

Side fence is done, my contribution was to hold the wood pieces in place so that he could secure the fence itself πŸ˜€

A creepy touch near our front door is this dropcloth full of nice, welcoming sentiments, including Red Rum, which had to be explained to me since I haven’t seen that movie, and which are dotted with paint that will show up under black light.

You must pass under this sweet smiley face to get candy:

I noticed the shadows on my car and had to get a pic πŸ˜€

Finally, the windows seem to be getting angrier and angrier. Hmmm . . .

So, this is what awaits trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. We’re already thinking of what we (and by we, I mean Steve) will do for next year’s Halloween. It just never ends. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thufferin’ Thuccotash!

I am sick as a dog.

Let me rephrase that. I am sick as a cat. My poor cat, Willie-Boo, had the most miserable look about him yesterday. He was just sitting in the middle of the living room, nose almost touching the floor. Very unlike him, usually he’s scampering around, picking fights with Bernie or seeing who can pet him next. He sneezed about 80 times on Saturday, poor thing.

I spent the weekend “coming down with something” and the something is here. It’s a cold, and my youngest and I have been sniffling for hours. Thank you, Willie-Boo, for sharing.

I have no post for y’all today as I have barely any brain left from all the coughing and sneezing. Bleargh. I suffer from allergies and got really bad headaches this summer but I rarely get sick, as in a cold or anything else, so I am more mad than miserable, because people, I HAVE THINGS TO DO!!!

So I’m just going to cheer y’all up with this picture. It’s my husband’s work table in the garage. This is what happens when he gets creative.

Love ya, honey! πŸ˜€

It’s scary out there!

My husband Steve has been working hard on bringing up the scary factor in our front yard – this year we are going with an Insane Asylum theme, so he created a Tim Burton-esque fence. Would you believe an integral part of this fence was oatmeal?

It turns out my youngest’s favorite food makes for the perfect, rusted out texture on the pipes.

Here are two of our tall and spindly friends, Rusty and Crusty πŸ˜€

The PVC pipes were bent with the help of a heat gun, thinner pipe will, obviously, be easier to bend. The fleur de lis tops are made out of workout mat foam and then attached to the pipes. Once the pipes have been primed a mixture of sand and oatmeal go on for texture.

Once dry, Steve dappled orange craft paint on with a sea sponge. While the orange is still wet, he sprayed it with watered down brown paint to give it some dimension. The final layer was red mahogany wood stain, dripped over everything.

A few days ago I posted some details on the Insane Asylum sign on the column Steve built, it’s pretty awesome ;D BTW, 2003 is the year we got married. That’s right, we’re coming up on ten years next June!

Fake Ivy and Spanish moss were added to complete the creepy atmosphere, and some wood planks were added to our house windows. I guess we knew we had done that right when a sweet girl who lives down the block said “it looks like your house is mad at me!” .

That’s our very scary front yard ready for trick-or-treaters, or anyone who wants to know what kind of stuff we do on our spare time. This has been all Steve, though, I take no credit for any of it other than keeping him company at times and keeping him fed and hydrated while he builds it πŸ˜€

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve been posting about the costume my husband made for our little one.

I was very surprised that my youngest chose this, as the one who had loved this character to begin with, was my oldest (he even had his latest birthday party with this theme), but he’s moved onto superheroes.

Thank goodness our oldest went with a store-bought, because my husband needed every last minute to get our youngest’s costume done.
The Saturday before Halloween, our cousin needed help for his costume, so most of that day was spent working on that. His costume was (luckily for my husband) just the headgear to become DeadMau5. Yeah, I’m old, because I was seriously creeped out and had no clue who that was. My oldest, though, had no problem sitting on DeadMau5’s lap for a pic.
Sunday was the deadline, then, and my husband went to work, the level of detail in this costume blew me away.

The base of the costume itself was carpet foam that he got for free just by asking carpet installers. The spikes were cut from foam, primed, then spray painted. The texture all over the “skin” is small stripes of silicone. The teeth were cut from foam, then painted and attached to the upper and lower jaws, same with the foot claws. The feet are cut to go over our son’s shoes. We decided to not make claws for the hands in case our little man got overenthusiastic and scratched one of his classmates.

Here is the head, almost done:

My husband helping our little man right before his parade:

Waving to one of the people taking his pic. Kids and grown ups wanted to have their pic taken with him, people were filming him, it was hilarious!

After his parade was over, my husband and I and my in-laws (who joined us for the morning) had breakfast, then headed over to my oldest’s school.

A quick wave from a busy Captain America:

His good friend S. was Wolverine so there was lots of superhero talk πŸ˜€

So this was our morning, now we get a few hours of quiet before the madness of “candy extortion” as my husband calls it. And oh yeah, Godzilla was made for under $35.

Happy Halloween from Captain America and Godzilla! Be safe and have a great time!

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Costume progress – and a hint!

My awesome husband is almost done with our little man’s costume. Good thing because he has a parade tomorrow morning!
The attention to detail keeps amazing me. Also, he helped with his cousin’s costume Saturday afternoon. I am not posting that yet, but it came out great. I think. Because I was a little creeped out by it and wasn’t really sure what/who it was. I looked it up and I’m still creeped out. Today my hubs is putting the final details on this costume and I can’t wait to see it finished!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Costume progress

My awesome husband has taken on the task of making our youngest’s Halloween costume. Every night after he’s done with work he works and works on it for a few hours. I think it’s going to look awesome!
I have to say I’m surprised that my youngest chose this and my oldest ended up going with a store bought costume. Can you guess what it is?

Spooky mantel!

Granted, the black and white effect is what kills it here, but still, we love our Halloween-ed mantel. The pumpkins are all from our backyard, I left some of the branches on them for a more rustic feel.
My boys helped with the decorating, the center display is made up of my oldest’s first Halloween toy given to him by his grandparents, some favorite Halloween books, and a souvenir from Disneyland. They also liked my web ribbon so it was added on the sides.

Hope you liked our spooooooooky mantel, I think all the candy up there makes it a little less scary ;D