Past Project: Birthday Cakes

Around here, it’s the man’s job to do birthday cakes.  That’s right, my husband has created some fabulous cakes for our boys’ parties.  It must be genetic because his mom was in charge of cakes for the first couple of years, but then as our boys’ preferences have evolved, my husband decided he’d give cake decorating a try.  His mom still bakes them — they’re so good! — and my husband plans out the logistics of transforming a plain cake into a dinosaur, Godzilla, or whatever the boys are into.

Let me show you some of their talented creations:

This was the cake for my youngest’s first birthday. It was a toga party, so my mother-in-law make a cool cake with lettering to match the invitation.

When my oldest turned 3, he was totally into elephants and Go, Diego, Go! So gran made him an elephant cake and I found a Diego candle topper:

He loved it, but when people started singing he said it was too loud and dove under the table. Gran and I dove under, too, so he could blow out his candles and I could take pictures.

Next year, it was all about dinosaurs:

This was my husband’s first cake – seriously. He based his creation on a video from Betty Crocker.

For our youngest’s luau party, he decorated this huge tiki cake:

Last year, my oldest was obsessed with Godzilla, so dad obliged and made him a super awesome cake.

My boys totally appreciate what Daddy makes for them, and I sure appreciate having a talented husband and mother-in-law.

Are you the cake maker in your household?

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