We are moving to . . .

No, not France. I wish. But no. Although it will be an equally dairy-friendly land.

Uh-oh. This Niners fan is going to be a little out of place, although right now I am very angry with the Forty-Niners front office for letting Coach Harbaugh go. But, Coach will now be just across the lake, and I will be cheering for the Michigan Wolverines.

You know what this means . . .

Hello Wisconsin!!!

That’s right. The big adventure of 2015 for our family will be our move from California to Wisconsin, or as I call it, from Sunny California to North of the Wall (GoT reference).

My husband is starting a new job after a horrific year and a half in a situation where our family was impacted financially, emotionally, my husband’s health was suffering, etc. We are looking forward to living in the midwest, to new experiences, to making new friends, to having white Christmases. Yes, it will be difficult to leave friends and family behind, to leave the house our boys came home to after being born, to leave the only lifestyle we’ve known, to live in the snow, but we’re determined to make a good life for ourselves, and of course, I will be sharing our transformation from Californians to Wisconsinites here.

Have a wonderful Monday!

11 thoughts on “We are moving to . . .

  1. Depending on the area, Wisconsin can be lovely – though not as warm and beachy as cali. Winters do resemble GoT, but without the giants wearing animal skin. My advice? Find cities that encompass what you love – Lake Geneva is a great non-cheesy touriy spot with lakes for days and lots of boating. Mikwaukee is wondeful for beer, Bayside, and the third ward. Madison is a free thinking community with culture, Starbucks everywhere, shopping, and swimming. Plus the badgers. A Wisconsin Badgers game is amazing – the spirit of the city is incredible! Depending on where you end up – there are gems everywhere!

  2. I’ve never been to Wisconsin but cheese and white Christmases sound pretty good. And the comment above from Lake Geneva Wedding Guide suggests there are some wonderful places to live. Very best of luck!

  3. Good luck in everything for you and your family. Please be ready for the COLD frigid temperatures and wear plenty of layers this week…but you probably already noticed. 🙂

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