Impromptu IKEA

Over the weekend, my husband had a sudden urge to go to IKEA. Have I mentioned how much I love this man? 😀

It was a quick trip as we went through the showroom, which the boys love. My oldest kept saying “THIS is how I want our living room to look!” every time we went through a new “home”. We had yummy meatballs and ribs and I had my usual IKEA treat – their sparkling pear drink. That stuff is awesome.

We ended up with a few odds and ends:

We decided to get rid of some old dishes we’ve had for over a decade — Steve had them before he met me, which was in 2001. We already had some neutral stoneware, and we decided to add some chocolate brown goodness to mix it up a bit. We were also in need of some everyday wine glasses. Not that we drink wine everyday, but we wanted glasses that wouldn’t be too expensive to replace. At $4.79/6, the price was perfect.

The hardware on the bottom left is for a future project, we also got pretty bird prints and some kitchen utensils, and more ice pop molds because mine are currently full of icy mango-y goodness.

Last but not least, are the new book ends IKEA released to celebrate their famous Billy bookcases. We have a few of those bookcases, and it’s our family initial, so we snagged two of each size.

I can’t believe July is almost over, we’ve got a couple of things planned before school starts again and my boys go into 3rd and 2nd grades. Is it just me, or is this year flying by?

The House Cleanse

The Nester’s post today about having a month with no accessories in your home, is right up my alley. I am on a ruthless quest to eliminate extra baggage, be it from the kids’ closets as they grow out of things or these blubby things around my waist that didn’t use to be there.

Her idea of getting your house to the bare bones is very appealing to me, with one caveat: Not in the kids’ spaces. Sure, I will be purging too-small clothes and un-played-with toys, but I don’t think there will be anything bare bones about my boys’ rooms or the playroom.

We are having a little soiree in late June but that involves using things that will – most likely – not be used again, so all that can go out the door once that day is over.

I am a total photo fanatic so this will be tough, but it will be a good thing to see what we can live with, and what is just cluttering up our lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Speakeasy Style

Over the weekend, our friend D, who’s the bee’s knees, held a helluva birthday party at a speakeasy up in the city. We got our wiggle on, put on our glad rags and drove up to the juice joint to join the other fellas and dolls who’d be celebrating. D and her husband C definitely put on the Ritz for this party, and we had a swell time!

My husband rented his outfit from a local costume shop, which happens to be a block away from the first place we ever lived in. I, however, relied on the kindness of friends, cheap stores, and some craftiness to put my ensemble together.

My headpiece was made of 3 purple feathers glued to the back of a gold satin rosette that I made. I added some pearls and rhinestones to the rosette and glued felt to the back to secure the feather stems, then sewed the felt to a small comb. I made a thin braid on the left side of my head to anchor the comb, slipped the comb in, and secured it with some bobby pins. It didn’t not move all night, through hugging, windy San Francisco streets, and lots of dancing.

The earrings were made from clear crystals years ago and the necklaces I got from Forever 21.

Our dear friend J lent me a gorgeous ruffly black dress, it was perfect, comfortable, and fun to dance in. I wore sheer dark stockings and black pumps.

The stole was made from costume leftovers and all I did was cut the rectangular piece in half lengthwise, then join small sides together to make it a longer, thinner piece. I used a huge (length of my index finger) needle and since it was faux-fur, didn’t bother to hem it or anything.

We had an absolute blast — the party was great, the band played fab music all night, and there was delicious food AND a candy buffet table. The three chocolate martinis I had weren’t bad, either ;D  I have to admit I got giddy when a lady wearing a real fur stole and a long strand of real pearls came up to me to ask me for my card because she thought my costume was the bomb.  Or I should say, the cat’s pajamas.  What can I say, we like to have fun on the cheap ;D

We were so happy to celebrate D’s birthday — we wish you nothing but the very best, doll!!!

Fashion Friday: Get ready to Tango in Tangerine in 2012

Pantone has announced THE color for 2012 – Tangerine Tango — I have to say, I am happy this is a color that me and my Latina complexion can embrace ;D

It’s a warm red, much like many lipsticks I found during my quest for the perfect bold red lipstick. This shade of red can be worn now, for the holidays, to add a pop of color in winter, in a bright spring outfit, through summer, and combined with more earthy hues for fall. I came up with a few ideas:

tangerine tango

Will you tango in Tangerine next year? I’m off to find some nail polish ;D

Fashion Friday: Scarf it down!

I love scarves, and I love that we’re in the perfect season for them. Right now afternoons still get a little warm but in the morning when take the boys to school, it is deliciously chilly!

I am super lucky that both my mom and my sister are avid knitters/crocheters, so they have contributed a large percentage of my scarf stash. My favorite purchased scarf is the tan one with tassels on the bottom right.


It is from Old Navy and it came in 3 different colorways, and yeah, I wish I had bought the other two because I love that thing.

A scarf can be such a versatile accessory – it can instantly transform a ho-hum outfit, i.e. what I wear most of the time, into something interesting. That said, I cannot wear two types of scarves – 1, the infinity type scarf, which are basically a big circle you wrap around your neck a few times, because my makeup and hair get wrecked. Graceful, I am not. And 2, the type that are very delicate, either lacy or the ones that are a bunch of flowers joined together, because I have two kids and two cats, and again, graceful I am NOT, and within 5 minutes the thing would be snagged into unwearable uselessness.

Luckily for me, there are plenty of other types of scarves that I can wear. As a devoted francophile the scarf is my accessory of choice – I love this article that came out last year about a writer who gets seduced by the power of a great scarf. Since I rather pride myself on not spending much for my “couture” I don’t think I’d be shelling out 150 euro for a scarf, but it’s a good article anyway.

I leave you with some images to inspire your weekend, stay warm!

Source: via Meggie on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Fashion Friday: Fall is here!

I am deliriously happy because my favorite season has truly arrived – no more deceptively cool mornings followed by blistering hot afternoons. No. Now cold mornings are followed by cool afternoons, and sometimes, even rain! Swapped my summer shorts for my beloved jeans:

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

Aside from a pair of leopard print flats, I am not really shopping for anything this fall/winter:

Lauren Conrad

Jackets are back in rotation:

Tall boots make a comeback:

Source: via Milena on Pinterest

It’s all about layers, layers, layers!

My beloved knit hats will be topping my outfits once again:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Everything in warm, cozy colors:

Source: via Breanna on Pinterest

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

Come on LOFT, wtf?

Okay, this is where “fashion editors” completely lose me. One of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor LOFT invited 3 magazine editors to style some looks. Here is one by the Glamour editor:
All I’m saying is that if I’m wearing a fricking anorak with a scarf, then it’s not the right weather for those flimsy little sandals.

One of my little fashion quirks is – the longer the sleeve, the more closed up the shoe should be. That’s just my personal rule because inevitably, that’s how it’s worked out for me. If I am out and about in a sundress and sandals and it gets chilly enough for a cardigan, then my toes are also cold. So to see a coat and scarf paired with barely-there sandals is ridiculous in my shoes.

Thank you for the kind comments on my comparison between White House Black Market and more budget-friendly looks.