Vote for me please!

I’m a contestant in Leen the Graphics Queen’s first Pic a Winner Contest! So excited! I love her products and it’s my canister labels that got me into the contest – will you please vote for me? You could also win a certificate to Leen’s fabulous shop just by voting.

Here’s a refresher pic of Leen’s labels on the canisters in my kitchen:


Thank you!!!

Have you met the Queen?

If you’ve spent any time around the blogosphere, then you are probably familiar with vinyl decals being used around the home. In my case, I was longing for some order mixed with ornate for my pantry, and I found it at Leen the Graphics Queen’s site.

She has a really cute set of canister labels, which added to my new IKEA canisters, resulted in a seriously pretty addition to our pantry.


Or rather, my husband liked them so much that he asked if we could get them off the pantry shelf and put them above our microwave. They look great and bring order and prettiness to things we use often. The labels are custom-made so you can have them say whatever you wish – as you can tell, we don’t really use sugar, so one label reads Splenda!

I was not paid or gifted anything for this post, I purchased this set and was so happy that I wanted to share with y’alls. I’ve also purchased Leen’s chalkboard decals and liked them a lot. Her prices are very reasonable and she ships very quickly – go do some browsing! Now!!!

My house colors

We’re in the middle of a little living room project:


and I had to look up my living room wall color. I did a post about my house paint colors in my last blog so I thought it better to list them here for future reference.

Our master bedroom has a sponge-finish treatment on the wall combining the 2 shades of tan. The wall where the lovely mirrored closet doors got the dark burgundy but lord knows I regret that decision. My plan is to do away with the closet doors completely and paint the wall to match the rest of the bedroom.

Our living room has a similar warm palette but instead of the burgundy we’ve added a dark chocolate brown accent color in the form of our new IKEA TV console and the project we are currently working on, which will be painted to match the console.

My little man’s room has two shades of light blue, and we seriously need to upgrade his bedroom soon. Aside from a few Mickey-themed items, there’s nothing else there and he outgrew Mickey a couple of years ago.

My kitchen/dining room colors are super warm and cozy, I talked about the changes we made 8 years ago in this post.

My bathroom got a cheerful coat of bright, warm yellow paint, which I continue to love, and it’s going to get remodeled in the next couple of months (fingers crossed) – I’m debating tile choices.

The paint color is Ralph Lauren’s Chamois. The cabinets were painted dark brown, echoing the living room console.

I will be updating the progress on our living room project in a few days!

Past Projects: Our Kitchen and Dining Room

The first project we tackled when we moved in to our home in August 2004, was the kitchen/dining room. The cabinets needed to go, and the general color, although light, was very dingy and dreary. The white appliances probably didn’t help, and the tile wasn’t our favorite either:



That’s our realtor in the last picture 😀

We decided to go bold and my husband chose a warm red for the walls – Briquette by Behr and honey colored cabinets with a granite top. He and a friend did the demo and my husband’s uncle hooked us up with the cabinets and granite.

Now here is the dining room as you walk in from the living room

Our hutches are both from IKEA

The door goes into the laundry room/pantry area and then into the garage

I found these sweet fleur-de-lis candles on clearance at Pier One – score!

My fridge is covered in picture magnets as you can see

I love the hanging pot rack so much that we added another one – saves so much storage space!

I have a lazy susan to the left of the stove with my oils, vinegars and often-used condiments, some of them I’ve decanted onto glass bottles and labeled with chalkboard labels. On top of the microwave are our Torani syrups. We had a Torani bar at our wedding since it was kind of our signature to offer guests an Italian soda 😀
Next to the fridge on the counter you can see the most often used ingredients in the house – oatmeal, peanut butter and honey. I recently stopped using the instant packets and now make the less sugary kind, with just a dash of honey. My youngest sure loves his oatmeal!!!

I love my kitchen and dining room, it is warm and inviting with colors that draw you in. I hope you’ve enjoyed look at this Past Project!

Another reason to love IKEA

We’re moving away from plastic containers in this house, and a goal for the year is to store things like beans, rice, pasta, etc. in clear containers in the pantry so I can better see what we have on hand.

IKEA has an awesome selection of glass storage jars and as much as I love The Container Store, IKEA has them beat in price.
I love the closure on the Slom jars, I think I’ll pick up a couple here and there to build up my pantry storage.

I was in no way compensated for this post. IKEA have no clue who I am, I wasn’t given money or anything for talking about their awesomeness. However, if they were to choose to give me money or products I would be like, totally psyched!

Kitchen pretties

I almost forgot to post about this.
Or maybe I did and I can’t remember?

How can that be? This was a big deal for me!
It only took me 6 1/2 years to decide what I wanted!

I finally found cute cabinet pulls and knobs I liked!
From Tarjay, wouldn’t ya know it. I like how the oil-rubbed bronze finish accentuates the golden color of the wood.

That was my little news.

Kitchen shelves

My lovely husband got me some kitchen shelves a couple of months ago – I love them!

However, in the last couple of weeks the shelves became somewhat of a dump area:
I mean, honestly, 4 different bottles of Melatonin? We give it nightly to my youngest, and it’s the best spot to store it, but FOUR BOTTLES?

There were also assorted baggies of candy from birthday parties, condiment packets all over both shelves, and endless junk that got put there for no good reason.

I took everything down, gave the shelves a good clean, then decided to tighten the focus a little.

Instead of random cookbooks, I chose a few I mean to use in the next few weeks. This way, I can rotate cookbooks and try new recipes for my family.

I put away all the Melatonin bottles except one, and all the condiment packets went inside a recipe box. The cookbook on the upper right was given to me by my mother-in-law. I love the cheerful yellow, which also repeats in the adorable ramekins and the beignet mix box on the upper left. I left a few items I want to incorporate in our meals in the next weeks, like beignets (yum!), a crepe mix tin, and a garlic aioli mustard sauce I got at Trader Joe’s. This way, these new-to-us items don’t get put in the pantry, never to be seen again.

I love how my shelves look now, a lot less cluttered and I have items I want to try right there, so I can’t forget about them!

I’m joining this kitchen clean up to Traci’s Kitchen Clean Up Linky Party at Beneath My Heart!