The last camping trip of 2013

In late September we headed out to a nearby campground for our last camping adventure of the year. The newest member of our family came along with us.

Foxy was a delight to have with us, she is so mellow but at the same time loves to discover new places. And what a protective little lady she is! One night my youngest woke up wanting to go to the bathroom, so he and I left the tent, and immediately, our sweet girl woke up my husband to let him know we were gone! Steve had to comfort her until we came back because she was worried for us. She’s also let us know when someone she doesn’t know parks in front of our house. We love our Foxy girl!

As usual, we ate like kings and had help making our breakfast burritos:

I also received a gift from my in-laws. They know how badly I suffer when I get bitten by mosquitoes – they all seem to head for me whenever we camp and the bites end up swollen and inflamed, so they got me this awesome screen tent so I can be safe:

Isn’t that great? Now I don’t have to worry about mosquitoes and can camp knowing my skin will be protected.

Our neighbor B. came along with us this time, and we all had a great time. We hope that 2014 will bring us many more camping adventures with friends and family!!!

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