A rescuer’s job is never done!

This past week we’ve seen a couple of tiny, maybe month-old, kittens running from our front yard into the side yard. I started leaving out food and Steve and I got worried that with the cold nights, the wee babies might not make it.

Steve ended up setting up the trap and catching the mama cat, who is beautiful, but very, very skinny:

We thought there were three babies, but it turns out there were five. By noon on Sunday we had caught four of them, but the last one proved elusive. We left a thick blanket on top of both the trap and carrier and made the carrier (with the babies inside) face the trap so mama could see her little ones.

Just look at those sweet faces!!! But don’t be fooled, these little ones are totally feral. One of them got Steve’s hand pretty good and one I held kept trying to bite me the whole time. But so damn cute!

I bought wet food and gave mama and babies food and water, which they made disappear right away. I caught the last baby Sunday afternoon and put him with his siblings, where they engaged in all sorts of climbing shenanigans. We put mama in with her little ones so she might nurse now that she’d had food and water. I plan on taking the whole family to the shelter on Monday so they can get check-ups and socialized a bit before they get adopted.

Both our cats, Bernie and Willie-Boo, and our dog Foxy, are rescues, and we plan on getting any future pets from shelters as well. I hope this mama and her babies find good homes, they are all beautiful so I am sure they will be adopted soon!

Sweet Vintage-style table setting

I was going through my fabric stash the other day and I came across a couple of pieces that I thought would look great together, so I set up a quick little vintage-style table.

I love the small pumpkins we got at the patch last month, we each get one pumpkin, but my choice was the 4/$1 deal on the little ones 😀

We had a mishap last holiday season and lost half of our dishes. Steve had had them since before we met so we decided to donate the rest and get some new ones at IKEA. We chose cream and brown so we can mix and match.

I love that I have a brand new palette for my table setting and I didn’t have to spend any money on it!!


This is how old I am now. I’ve been 42 for a couple of days now, since 11.12.13 😀

November 12 happens to be a popular date for births in our family. My sister was born that day as well, although on a different year. My cousin was also born on that date and so was a cousin-by-marriage.

My latest birthday started wonderfully, with some presents and my three men singing Happy Birthday to me. My sons happened to have the day off because of school conferences so it was a very lazy day, spent mostly in pajamas, except when I decided to try on my gifts:

My husband got me a beautiful fedora and an adorable fox sweater. Because yes, I am totally into the whole fox trend. I also used some of my birthday money to get these sweet fox earrings, although mostly because my dog’s name is Foxy. The day ended with our cousins watching the boys so Steve and I could go out to dinner, which was paid for by my mother-in-law, who kindly gave me a restaurant gift card. Sa-weet!!!

I have to say that I am a very lucky girl. I have a wonderful family, sweet friends, I get to stay home with my monkeys, I am over the plague we all had (except for the cough, but I can live with that) and I hope the rest of my 42nd year is as wonderful as the first few days have been!


I am grateful that this plague I’ve got held off until I could make sure that a huge change happened in my youngest’s schooling. If you want to know what else I am grateful for this month, check me out on Instagram.

Excuse me, I have to go cough up a lung now.

Labor of Love

Because, in the end, that’s what it was.

My husband Steve has been making costumes, piñatas, and cakes for his boys for the past few years. I figure we are close to the time when our kids, or at least our oldest, won’t want a homemade costume any more. Maybe that won’t happen, but I will always remind my kids that the endless hours spent in the garage, the numerous trips to Home Depot or Lowe’s to replace a dead part or buy more X-Acto blades, was all worth it the moment they saw their costume and the smile reached all the way up to their eyes.

Credit goes mostly to Steve, of course, who is given a challenge and decides to knock it out of the park, but to the people that help in different ways – Gran, who came over and painted and glued and kept Steve company until 4 in the morning one night. Grandpa, who goes to every school parade to cheer on his grandsons, and who helps them get ready in the classroom.

Yeah. By the way, those are penlights 😀

Our boy at his school parade:

Side and back views of Gipsy Danger:

(by the way, our son’s sweetheart is somewhere on these pics, but I didn’t tell you that – sshhhhhh!)

Steve also made the call to go to Aidan’s karate studio party in the afternoon. He was desperately wanting sleep but Aidan was very excited about going, so daddy went, too:

My friend J’s daughter and Gipsy Danger had a lot to discuss:

There was a costume contest, and my boy posed and flexed for the judges.

There was a little drama around trick-o-treating time, but all was well in the end, and now my dining room table is full of Gipsy Danger parts. We’ll save the head, of course, for our (someday) Hall of Fame. Aidan loves the gloves he wore as part of the costume so those are being worn today 😀

My husband’s dedication to making our boys’ lives magical is definitely something I am thankful for.