Frame Jewelry Display

You know how sometimes the glass that comes with a photo frame breaks? And you don’t want to throw that frame away so you stash it for months in various places, until your husband is all “hmmm, are you going to do something with this thing?” And then a friend gifts you their old coffee table but one of the ten knobs is missing and you’re all “Whoa! Frame + knobs? Can I say jewelry display?”

Okay, so maybe you haven’t thought this, but I did, and here are the results.

I took the frame and painted it in Oil Rubbed Bronze, then covered the backing with gold dust vellum paper from my favorite paper store.

The backing was a piece of laminate that my husband had leftover from a project and he cut it to size for me. Once the laminate and vellum were adhered, I marked a grid of nine spots on the back – three across, three up and down. My awesome husband drilled the laminate and paper and we bought some new screws because the ones that came with the knobs were too long.

I now have a place to display some of my bracelets and necklaces:



The total cost of this project was solidly under ten dollars. The paper was $2.75 (plus tax) and the new screws/washers were under $5. I had the frame, we had the piece of laminate and we had the nine knobs from my craft table project.

I hope you have enjoyed my repurposed photo frame craft!

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10 thoughts on “Frame Jewelry Display

  1. Cute! I’d love for you to link your project to Things I’ve Made Thursdays going on now until noon tomorrow. I’m trying something new this week- We have two sections to the party- one for kids’ things and one for “Anything”!! I think this post would be an awesome addition to the “Anything Goes” party!Hope you’ll stop and link up!Melanie

  2. I have been searching for a spot to hang a couple of necklaces and thinking that I need something just like this! You did a great job on this- so pretty with the yellow paper. I was just eyeing a spot in my bathroom that would be perfect, and I think I have just the frame!

  3. Hi Claudia…Oooh…I love your new jewelry display! Very creative idea, my friend! I especially like that gorgeous gold velium paper that you used…it's beautiful with the bronze colored frame and knobs! Love, love, LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites party this week! It was such a delight having you…hope that you'll join us again! I'm always up for new craft ideas!!!Warmest wishes,Chari @Happy To Design

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