Refreshing the school run

I can’t tell you the difference it makes to have my clothes set out the night before. I don’t have to think about it, I don’t question the top going with the pants going with the scarf, etc. because all the thinking has been done.

Here are four options I can put together, using the items I posted yesterday, to take the boys to school:

2014 Spring - the school run

I’ve added a couple of options to each outfit to include other items you might have in your closet, such as a black cardigan or a denim jacket. Here we go:

Top left: The leopard print top works equally well with a warm yellow topper as with a basic black cardie. Shoes are my Skechers GoWalk, which I wear almost every day, but I am trying not to. Animal print and red are a gorgeous combination which is why I’ve added the scarf. Cute fox earrings add a finishing touch.

Top right: My boys love Marvel Superheroes and hello, I know a few mamas who have no problem watching 2 hours of Thor or Captain America. I wear my Marvel shirt with jeans and red booties for a pop of color, Either the cardie or the jacket would look good, and I must admit I squealed when I saw this ring at Forever 21. I call it my Loki ring because it looks like the headpiece he wears. I’m a Loki girl!

Bottom left: I got this turquoise top at Target 2 years ago and love it. It goes very well with the neutral pants and either cardigan. The leopard print flats and link bracelet add interest.

Bottom right: A neutral print top pairs with gray pants and either the yellow cardie or the denim jacket. Simple pearl studs and my reliable Skechers round out the look.

Next, I’ll be posting some dressier looks!!

Refreshing the old wardrobe

Keeping two growing boys in clothes that fit them (easier for the younger one, obviously, with all the hand-me-downs) and look good has been a full-time job lately, with the various growth spurts that have taken place. I think my oldest is about to do some sprouting so soon it will be time for all new pants and shirts that don’t bare his bellybutton when he raises his arms.

However – my husband, my very own Tim Gunn, the man who, two weeks after we started dating, pointed at a pair of jeans on a Banana Republic window and said “those would look good on you” (and was right!), said to me “you need clothes.” So, for a change, I got a few things for me and not our monkeys.

2014 Spring

Now, not all these things are new, but I was thinking SPRING and put together some of the old and some of the new in this board. Just the fact that we got me three new pairs of pants is amazing. Two pairs of jeans and one pair of trousers, because I’d been wearing my two old pairs of jeans to death.

The three pairs shown are all super comfortable to wear and fit me well. I am 5’1″ with serious hips and short legs, so finding things that fit is not always easy. From left to right:

Jeans – Modern Straight from LOFT, Gray – Lee’s Relaxed Boot Cut, and Jeans – Levi’s 512 in Black.

I will show you some of the ways I’m going to put various combinations together in the next couple of posts. See you then!

A WOOT and a Radiant Orchid

My awesome husband’s fabulous idea of adding color to our backyard by making redwood frames for flowers won this:

for the whole of 2013!

I love The CSI Project and it was pretty surreal to see they chose our project as their favorite of the year.

So that was the WOOT! and now for my first take on Radiant Orchid.

My friend Carina and I went to a new (to me) beauty supply place and holy moly it was awesome. There I found a color I thought would be a good fit for Radiant Orchid and guess what, the name of it is Foxy Roxy. Named after my sweet puppers, how could I resist?

I got a few pale colors and a very pretty tomato red. Then I got out of there before I could spend the grocery money.

Does anyone else need like 5 more hours to the day? Because I totally do.

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Radiant Orchid – are you game?

Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a vibrant color that is surprisingly easy to incorporate to your wardrobe or makeup routine.

Sephora is partnering with Pantone and has released a signature lipstick in Radiant Rush (1). This color is bright and attention-getting. If you’re not quite sure about it, you can try a beautiful gloss like Illamasqua’s Tantrum (2). After all, I love my Givenchy Velvet Purple gloss, which my darling husband gifted me.

If you want to try this lovely shade on your eyes, check out the innovative way makeup goddess katosu wears it under her lower lashes (3). Isn’t her work stunning?

Old Navy has a plain v-neck shirt (4) that would be a welcome spot of brightness this winter, or you could go for a scarf (5) from Nordstrom, or even a pair of pumps (6) for the office.

The ways you can incorporate Radiant Orchid to your look are endless. I’m going to check out my Old Navy because you can never have too many v-neck t-shirts. At least I can’t. When you’re 5’1″ and have big boobs, v-necks are your friends. I will totally admit to being smitten with Lenny Kravitz as Cinna in The Hunger Games and buying a gold eyeliner, so a Radiant Orchid-esque eyeliner is in my future.

Are you game for adding some of this lovely shade to your life?

Nail woes

The other day I IG’d this picture of my sad, sad little cuticles:

Sorry if you were in the middle of eating. Pretty nasty, right? I do wash my hands five trillion times a day, so I am sure that is not helping my dry skin at all, but to be honest, I have also tried a few lotions, creams, and cuticle oils and the result is always the same: Within twenty minutes, my skin looks dry and horrid again.

I know how glamorous (ha) my life must seem, but let me break it to ya: I don’t have time to apply stuff every twenty minutes. I need something that works, that I can apply in the morning and at night, and maybe apply once in the middle of the day. That’s the level of my commitment.

I am a sucker for pictures of pretty manicures even though I keep my nails super short, and I read a comment mentioning a product called Nail Butter. They are American-made and cruelty-free. I won’t preach about choosing cruelty-free products; right now I am educating myself and I have gotten rid of a few things. I plan on ridding myself of more and choosing cruelty-free products, but as slippery as that slope is, it’s not the point of this post. Nail Butter is not gifting me anything, I have placed an order and am awaiting its arrival and I hope it makes my cuticles better. Not because I am vain, but because I want my skin to be healthy and the skin around my nails just looks gross.

Will keep y’all posted – I know, please try to control your excitement – on how things go. For now, though, if I run into you, please don’t look at my hands ;D

Third annual New Year’s Day Brunch

What better way to start the new year than with a bunch of friends and lots of excellent food? After the success of our second annual NYD brunch, we knew our little tradition had serious traction and prepped for good times and good food to start 2014.

The talented Desiree from The 36th Avenue designed adorable printables which came in handy for our celebration – I added a bit to the large printable, but other than that, the design is all hers.

Steve, his mom and his aunt do some cooking:

Steve also made monkey bread, and our guests brought yummy scones with homemade jam, homemade breakfast sausage, fresh fruit, OJ, sweet potato hash, brownies, etc. while we provided coffee, pancakes and waffles, and eggs and bacon.

As excellent as the food was, it was even better to have family, and friends from all areas of our lives, getting together. Truly a great way to start 2014 – cheers!!!