Frame Jewelry Display

You know how sometimes the glass that comes with a photo frame breaks? And you don’t want to throw that frame away so you stash it for months in various places, until your husband is all “hmmm, are you going to do something with this thing?” And then a friend gifts you their old coffee table but one of the ten knobs is missing and you’re all “Whoa! Frame + knobs? Can I say jewelry display?”

Okay, so maybe you haven’t thought this, but I did, and here are the results.

I took the frame and painted it in Oil Rubbed Bronze, then covered the backing with gold dust vellum paper from my favorite paper store.

The backing was a piece of laminate that my husband had leftover from a project and he cut it to size for me. Once the laminate and vellum were adhered, I marked a grid of nine spots on the back – three across, three up and down. My awesome husband drilled the laminate and paper and we bought some new screws because the ones that came with the knobs were too long.

I now have a place to display some of my bracelets and necklaces:



The total cost of this project was solidly under ten dollars. The paper was $2.75 (plus tax) and the new screws/washers were under $5. I had the frame, we had the piece of laminate and we had the nine knobs from my craft table project.

I hope you have enjoyed my repurposed photo frame craft!

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My house colors

We’re in the middle of a little living room project:


and I had to look up my living room wall color. I did a post about my house paint colors in my last blog so I thought it better to list them here for future reference.

Our master bedroom has a sponge-finish treatment on the wall combining the 2 shades of tan. The wall where the lovely mirrored closet doors got the dark burgundy but lord knows I regret that decision. My plan is to do away with the closet doors completely and paint the wall to match the rest of the bedroom.

Our living room has a similar warm palette but instead of the burgundy we’ve added a dark chocolate brown accent color in the form of our new IKEA TV console and the project we are currently working on, which will be painted to match the console.

My little man’s room has two shades of light blue, and we seriously need to upgrade his bedroom soon. Aside from a few Mickey-themed items, there’s nothing else there and he outgrew Mickey a couple of years ago.

My kitchen/dining room colors are super warm and cozy, I talked about the changes we made 8 years ago in this post.

My bathroom got a cheerful coat of bright, warm yellow paint, which I continue to love, and it’s going to get remodeled in the next couple of months (fingers crossed) – I’m debating tile choices.

The paint color is Ralph Lauren’s Chamois. The cabinets were painted dark brown, echoing the living room console.

I will be updating the progress on our living room project in a few days!

The 17,923th version of . . .

the Pottery Barn jewelry frame! I know, I know, you’ve seen similar knock-offs everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, but ya know, I do love my deep, dark reds:
Yep, I used a rich glossy red for my frame, and I love it. Also, I used twine instead of wire to make it a little more of a contrast between the rustic twine and the gloss of the red.

I love the bold contrast between my bathroom wall and the glossy frame. Now I’m painting a little pot I found with the same red spray paint, and it will hold my daily cosmetics. A little update for very little money.

Warm neutrality

I love looking through people’s homes, mostly when their sense of color is different from mine. I love cottage chic dining rooms, crisp and clean bedrooms, soothing blue and white living rooms. I love seeing how people put their visions together and seeing how the details are more often what pull it all into a cohesive look.

For me, it’s all about warmth, coziness, and the way I see that is through color. Our home palette is full of yellows, both butter and butternut colored, warm reds, honey-toned wood and a trim color in our kitchen/dining room called Peanut Butter 😀

Here are some more warm neutrals inspiration pics – all from Martha Stewart:

Bathroom tales

In 2009 I decided to paint out main bathroom (as opposed to the master bathroom) – the walls were white, the toilet (obviously) and tub were white, the cabinet was an ugly dark brown and the hideous banjo-shaped counter was a groovy faux marble white/cream monstrosity.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I chose a very colorful butternut squash-y rich yellow-orange called Chamois, by Ralph Lauren.
I love it. It is warm and cozy and wonderful for those mornings when you wake up feeling like hell and you need something more than a nasty white wall behind you as you look in the mirror.

I also changed the curtain to something more neutral than baby elephants and bought a curtain rod in an oil-rubbed bronze finish to continue the rich, warm tones idea.

In 2011, a more extensive update to the bathroom is going to be a necessity. The flooring was not well done and there is damage that needs to be repaired. Also, my children’s baths have caused further damage, I am sure, and although we were hoping to wait until they were over their lengthy baths, I don’t think that’s happening any time soon.

So, flooring needs to be done, and also we can finally be rid of the nasty banjo counter and dark cabinet. The cabinet itself is in good shape, so I am thinking a good sanding and painting would do it a world of good. Thing is, I can’t make up my mind. Should I go for it and paint it white in order to lighten up the room? Or go the opposite way and go for a rich dark brown, not the nasty orange-y brown it is now. The medicine cabinet would be painted to match and the toilet lid would be changed.

We do have a bit of time before I figure it out. Right now we have a (ha ha) nature theme in our bathroom, with a framed Cavallini print on one wall, so I thought the aviary shower curtain would be a cute addition. If not, something very neutral, as I like to change the decor regularly.

The bathroom area, aside from the tub, is 5×5, so it’s quite small. In a way, that’s a good thing because we have a smaller space to purchase flooring for. This is a very rough draft of what I’m thinking for our bathroom:

What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions?